Valentines day Glitter bows| Choose your Glitter | Glitter are a must! iBOWZ

$ 11.00

Valentines day Glitter bows| Choose your Glitter| Must have Glitter iBOWZ | Every Girl needs a little Glitter in there Life| Choose your Glitter Color

Don't be that MOM who never has a bow for your precious little Girl =)

  • Glitter Bows in Red, Bubble Gum pink , White & Black 
  • The Valentines Day Glitter Bows! You won't be bowless on Valentines day with one of these colors.
  • You can choose to add matching marabou boa in the drop down menu
  • all bows are hand sewn, ends are heat-sealed to prevent fraying & made in the USA
  • available in all bow sizes, toddler, medium, large & xlg
  • Toddler & medium bows have alligator clips
  • Large & Xlg bows have french clips
  • Ships January 17th 

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