About Us


  Welcome to
iBOWZ & Co.
   I am Chelsa Langlois, the Owner & Creator of iBOWZ & Co. 
I love making hairbows for you & your Girls.  
Making bows is a dream come true! Im definitely a Bow Snob..LOL
I  love seeing your all your girls wearing iBOWZ.  Be sure to Tag us at #ibowz 
   How Did this adventure start? We'll I  am a stay at home wife and mom-
and I love it but also very creative.  In 2004, I wanted to learn how to sew and make things that I couldn't afford to buy and to make some cash for vacations and FUN STUFF!
So my hubby bought me a sewing machine & thats when all the CREATIVE JUICES BEGAN TO FLOW!  I Started making curtains, clothes all sorts of things... At first , I started making patchwork purses for my girls and everyone LOVED them!  So I started selling them, then got into making children clothes & selling them to upscale children boutiques. At the same time, I loved bows for my girls and started trying to design and make them just the way I liked!
Well I quickly found out that I loved making bows instead of clothes! 
And thats how this all began. Now, my hobby has turned in to an awesome business! 
  We are a Online Boutique and we still currently serve Children Boutiques and Gift stores on a small scale, as well as to Arts & Craft shows throughout the year.  I have found my new love, meeting my customers face to face! If we are in your area, please stop by and visit, we love to meet our iBOWZ addicts!
 "iBOWZ are Truly one of a kind, Unique Fashion hairbows and a must have for any fashionista!   Thank you for considering iBOWZ for your BASIC & FUN & FUNKY HAIRBOW!